A Critical Review of Metabolic Cooking

Aptly named, metabolic cooking is an online cookbook set designed to boost your metabolism and aid in fat loss with nutritious recipes. In it there are over 200 recipes which cater to every meal time and include vegan options, too. Karine Losier is the woman behind metabolic cooking. She characterizes herself as a kitchen fanatic who is passionate about creating healthy recipes that are quick, cheap and easy to make. Metabolic cooking has received generally favorable reviews online and is credited with it’s affordable price, broad recipe variety and ease of use. One of the key inclusions is the PCF macro-nutrient indicator. This accompanies each recipe and clearly shows its protein, carbohydrate and fat content, which can then be used to monitor intake and adjust levels depending on your goals and needs. Metabolic cooking isn’t just your typical recipe book, a special emphasis is placed on metabolism and how it can be increased to boost weight loss and increase satiety by using carefully selected ingredients and the principles of meal timing. This has broad-level appeal as many people don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare healthy meals and are looking for a simple solution, especially with the convenience of fast foods.

There’s no shortage of recipe books out there for weight loss, and in many ways metabolic cooking is just another one, but it’s unique design and selling points help it stand out among a sea of many. As of this writing, it is only available online, which is a bit disappointing. I’d like to see the addition of a hardback copy, which would add further utility when used in the kitchen. Overall, metabolic cooking offers a well put together package and would make a worthwhile addition to any prospective dieters kitchen.